A Rocky Start in Soaps Evolved into a Crew of Midwives for Kate Martineau Adams

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Kate Martineau AdamsKate Martineau Adams talks about how work and family became interconnected during her stint as Assistant Casting Director on As the World Turns.

Susan Dansby: And at what point did you get married and start to have your kids? Was that after you had landed at World Turns or before?

Kate Martineau Adams: I moved to New York in 2000. So, I moved 10 years ago; and I immediately started dating my husband, and we broke up after about six weeks. A little more than a year later, we started dating again. Three days after that, I started at Warner Bros., with Mary Clay [Mary Clay Boland, Casting Director, As the World Turns]. So, I’ve kind of been with my husband, Clay, and Mary Clay or about the same amount of time. I feel married to both of them.

Aaron, Alison & Lucy, ATWTBut my very first day that As the World Turns was my birthday in 2002, and Mary Clay was on location because she was scouting for the “Catch Us If You Can” tour with [the characters] Aaron, Alison, and Lucy. And Lamont was out of the office because he had a family emergency. So, it was me and the girl who was fired so I could take her job.

We, yet again, were casting Chris Hughes; and we had a producer session. And I had never met Chris Goutman [Executive Producer, As the World Turns].

Susan Dansby: Trial by fire.

Kate Martineau Adams: I had no one there that I knew, or who liked me; and I was meeting Chris in a producer session for the impossible role. And the first actor in for that producer session was my husband!

Susan Dansby: No!

Kate Martineau Adams: Yes! So, I had to pretend that I did not know him. Yeah, that was a great first day.

Clay Adams, (Lloyd, ATWT)

Clay Adams, (Lloyd, ATWT)

I feel like so much of my personal life is tied up with As the World Turns, because he literally started As the World Turns with me. And he ended up being — he was a recurring under-five bartender on the show. He was “Lloyd the Bartender” in the Lakeview for almost eight years. He’s in the second-to-last episode, as well.

Susan Dansby: Oh, I wrote the second-to-last episode. So it’s Clay Adams?

Kate Martineau Adams: Clay Adams. We got married in 2004; and we had our first child, Olivia, in August of 2006; and our son, Fletcher, in May of 2009. So, everyone in that studio has shared in these momentous occasions with me. It’s weird to not see them all the time because they know — when my dad passed away, everybody knew, and everybody was there.

And I’ll tell you what, being pregnant in that studio was awesome. Because those crew guys — they made sure I was okay all the time. “Do you need a pillow? Do you need a stool?”I had anything I wanted. Those crew guys took care of me.

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Susan Dansby has received four Emmy® Awards and two Writers Guild Awards for her work on the soap opera, AS THE WORLD TURNS. She is the author of HOW DID YOU GET THAT JOB? MY DREAM JOBS AND HOW THEY CAME TRUE.
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