Free Way to Stay Focused During Your Dream Job Search

Get a Job Fast - FocusAre you the type of person that would spend eight hours helping a friend get a job, but can barely muster up enough energy to spend an hour on your own future? That pretty much describes me.

That caused a problem when I decided I wanted to combine my love of directing theater with my need to make money.

The system I’d found (the one laid out in How Did You Get That Job) required that I be self-motivated, and spend an average of an hour a day working toward my future happiness.

For the first time in my life, I was applying myself to getting something I wanted without having a teacher or a boss breathing down my neck. And I knew myself well enough to know it’d be a challenge to stay focused and on target.

I asked around; and, sure enough, my friend Charles had solution. He told me about this class he’d taken called “Mastery.” The basic setup was that you’d go to this workshop from 7:00-8:00 in the morning (scheduled so you could do it before heading to work), on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You’d set goals, and be accountable for those goals when you reported back to the group.

Time it took me: Three hours a week for three months.
Cost: $400!!!!!!!

Ouch. Four hundred dollars was a lot of money back then (and now); particularly since I was paying to be policed. But I knew in my heart of hearts I was never going to get where I wanted to go without some kind of structure.

Bottom line? It worked. During those three months, I set firm goals, and took huge steps toward getting my job in television. Because I was focused.

Now, how do you get the same benefit without laying out 400 bucks? I’ve got just the thing for you. It’s a great program I’ve used for several years called Simpleology.

Unlike my hour-long Mastery class, once you’re set up, Simpleology only takes around 15 minutes a day. It’s all about getting things done. It’s simple, it’s fun – it’s got videos, quizzes, mp3’s. But the best thing? It keeps you on target. Well, maybe the best thing is, it’s free. Here’s the link: Simpleology

Sign up, and take the first steps in making your dream job come true fast.

About Susan Dansby

Susan Dansby has received four Emmy® Awards and two Writers Guild Awards for her work on the soap opera, AS THE WORLD TURNS. She is the author of HOW DID YOU GET THAT JOB? MY DREAM JOBS AND HOW THEY CAME TRUE.
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