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Audio of Interview with Actor, Eric Sheffer Stevens

Audio interview with actor Eric Sheffer Stevens. He chats with author Susan Dansby about how he got his job playing Reid on As the World Turns. Eric talks about the training he received in college, post-grad, private coaching, and paying his dues Off-Off Broadway. He takes us through audition process, revealing how he keeps his perspective when competing with other actors. Eric also chats about the adjustments he had to make to deal with the memorization requirements and the speed of soaps, and what he enjoyed about working in the genre.
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Eric Sheffer Stevens Bio

Eric Sheffer Stevens was born in Sacramento, moved across country with his family to Chicago, Delaware, and then Connecticut where he went to high school. As the only actor in his family, it wasn’t until Sheffer Stevens attended Wheaton College in Illinois, where he was a literature major, that he struck up a more serious interest in theater arts.
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Remembering Those Who Died for Our Dream – to be Free

Recalling some of the events of the past generation: four little girls in Birmingham, the Kennedy and King assassinations, 9-11. We must honor those who have sacrificed their lives to preserve our freedoms. Vote. Continue reading

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Two Free Webinars That Can Help You Get Jobs

Two free webinars that can get you jobs – Acting for a Living Webinar, 9/28/10 7:00PM EDT; and 10 Steps to Getting Hired Fast!, 9/30/10 7:00PM EDT Continue reading

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Last Day of As the World Turns

Kudos to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, WSB-TV, and reporter George Mathis for acknowledging the passing of AS THE WORLD TURNS. Continue reading

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