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How Did You Get That Job?

Hi, I’m Susan Dansby. I just heard that the average job search takes 19-22 weeks. And that blew my mind. That’s because, using the system in this book, I got the job of my dreams within 16 weeks AND I only averaged about an hour a day looking for that job.

Susan DansbyThe book’s called How Did You Get That Job? My Dream Jobs and How They Came True. And I wrote it because people were always asking me how I got great jobs. I’ve been a TV Director, an Associate Producer, and a television writer – I wrote for As the World Turns for 13 years, and won four Emmys®.

And most of that time, I worked from my own home in Atlanta. Is that a dream job or what?

But this is about you. And your job search. And why it’s taking so blasted long. I’ll bet you’re going on interviews for jobs you’re not even slightly excited about. I’ve been there, my friend. I have SO been there.

Here’s the thing. The best way to get a great job (or even an okay job) these days, is to be the first one in line. You’ve got to be on the short list for that job before the masses even know it exists. And that’s what you’ll learn how to do when you read How Did You Get That Job:

  • How to find your ideal job;
  • How to meet the people who can get you in the door;
  • How to take the stress out of your job interviews;
  • How to make your resume work for you; and a lot more.

And, by the way, the two times I used this system, I got offered a job before I even asked for one! What’s better than that?  You’ve got to buy this book.

Not Some Dry Job Manual

You think How Do You Get That Job will be dull, right? And long? And boring?  Nope. This is a short, fun read.

This book is a combination autobiography/job search manual – the story of my life told through short stories about the many jobs I’ve had. Some of it’s sad (being betrayed by my alcoholic father); some it’s funny (my one day as a product demonstrator).

It’s also a road map of what to do – and what not to do – to get hired; and once you’ve got the job, how to keep it, and keep growing toward higher salaries and better job titles.

It’s a success story. And, believe me, if I could rise to success in the extremely competitive entertainment industry, saddled with insecurities and a chip on my shoulder the size of Texas – you can succeed as well. And you can get where you want to go a lot faster, laughing at – I mean, learning from – my experiences.

Who Should Buy How Did You Get That Job?

  • People who’ve decided on their dream job and want to hit the ground running to launch that exciting, satisfying, new career.
  • People ready to climb the corporate ladder. This book is definitely for you! The tips you’ll find here can save you years in achieving your career goals – whether you’re in business, finance, or the arts. (That’s no exaggeration. If I’d followed these tips I could have easily saved myself years in moving up from office worker to TV director.)
  • Need a career change? The system outlined here is one you can use in your spare time while you hold on to your job and your income (like I did). Since you’re not using more “visible” job hunt methods like posting your resume online, you have more control over when you’ll make your move.
  • People who work in competitive fields like communications, information technology (IT), broadcasting, journalism, theater, music, film and television, writing, green jobs, etc. This book is a must-have for you. You’ll learn how to land good jobs in your chosen field (and get paid!) while you train, study and get experience toward that great job.
  • People who are looking for management positions or executive jobs. This book is filled with coaching tips that will not only help you get a job, but help you keep one.

Why Buy an Ebook?

The pdf format is absolutely the best way to get the most out of How Did You Get That Job? You can read the book on your computer or an electronic reader or iPad; then print out the pages you want to “work” through using the handy Workbook Forms bonus.

Okay, let’s talk about the bonuses.


Workbook Forms – I’m seriously considering turning this book into a workbook I would sell for $27; but this will give you the benefits of that, and save you some money besides. These forms are set up so that you print out as many or as you need to document:

  • jobs you’ve had and skills you’ve used (adding substance to those job descriptions in your resume);
  • people you know in various industries (for resume references);
  • life jobs you’ve had (like mom, dad, high school football player), the skills they’ve given you, and the experience you’ve gained (particularly helpful if you’re pursuing a new career); and
  • connections you’ve made you didn’t even realize you had… (invaluable for job interviews) and much more.

These forms will help you put your job search on steroids. Value: $10

How to Get a Job Fast – this 17-page special report is a quick reference guide. And since I wrote it after I wrote the book, it’s an excellent addition to the techniques you’ll learn in How Did You Get That Job? Value: $10

But don’t take my word for it. Here are some of the things people have said about How Did You Get That Job?

“In today’s turbulent environment with so many people either unemployed or miserable in their current jobs, Susan Dansby’s book, ‘How Did You Get That Job?,’ is a breath of fresh air. She gives readers real-life examples of how to find a dream job. A job to be passionate about. A job that you will love doing.”

Mike Wien
Adjunct Professor of Marketing
Georgia State University

“Susan Dansby writes with gentle power and amazing authority. This book will inspire and encourage you, and show you exactly how to live the life of your highest dreams.”

Edwene Gaines
The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity
A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance

“Susan Dansby’s book is a wonderful read and I recommend it to anyone looking for that Dream Job, reliving their former Dream Job(s), or wishing to acquaint themselves with a truly remarkable individual.”

Tom Crawford
Technologist, Mentor and Professional Speaker

“I just finished Susan Dansby’s ‘How Did You Get that Job?’ [and] got each of my wonderful, creative, young adult children a copy! Dansby’s advice, humor and encouraging voice motivated me to help my children get the advice I’d never heard as a young adult and haven’t figured out how to tell them myself. … Dansby’s words are inspiration no matter where the reader finds him- or herself in the cycle of life. If you have a nagging feeling that there’s a dream job out there for you but aren’t sure how to step towards getting it, you need to read this book!”

Kelly Vandever
Presentation Specialist

“Susan… last Saturday, I set your book on the kitchen counter. Intrigued by the title, my wife picked it up and has not put it down since! She is inspired by your story and appreciates your comprehensive and sequential approach to landing one’s dream job. Within the first two chapters, I literally watched her thinking transform. You elevated both her ambition and determination… I owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the world!”

Desmond Thorton
Youth Mentor
Seeds of Greatness

Susan Dansby’s “How Did You Get That Job?” is a must read for everyone!  Whether you are just beginning to search for that lifelong dream job or if you are still wondering what you’d like to do when you “grow up”, this book is for you.  Susan does an amazing job capturing your attention and leading you through the journey of working your dream. You will laugh and cry as you see yourself through her eyes! A must read for all!

Susan McMullen
The Balanced Caregiver
Professional Speaker

You can get How Did You Get That Job? My Dream Jobs and How They Came True plus $20 worth of bonuses for the low price of $17. That’s right, the book and bonuses for just $17.


How Did You Get That Job? comes with a money-back guarantee. Try it for 90 days. If you aren’t completely satisfied, your money will be refunded – no questions asked.

The best career advice I can give you is: Don’t wait to go for your dream! Think of the hours, days, weeks and years you’ll spend at work. Don’t you want that time to be filled with joy, achievement and financial reward? You can have that – starting today!

Dream jobs really do come true…

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