Since ATWT, Eric Sheffer Stevens Has Been a Poetry Prof, an Uptight Upper-Upper and More

Caught up with actor, Eric Sheffer Stevens. He dropped me a quick line, and he’s been very busy since Reid bit the dust:

Eric & Jenny Sheffer Stevens

Eric & Jenny Sheffer Stevens

Eric and his wife (Jenny Sheffer Stevens) did Much Ado About Nothing with the Vermont Shakespeare Company in August.

He shot a film in September called Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty — a small indie that was shot in Brooklyn. “I loved doing it. I played a rather pitiful, divorced poetry prof that was having a difficult time getting his act together.”

For more info on the film (and a look at the film’s trailer), go to:

“I did an episode of the ABC episodic Body of Proof, Dana Delany’s new show, in October. I played an uptight, upper crust, upper East Side type.” Body of Proof premieres Tuesday, March 29, 2011. Check out the trailer here:

“At the end of October, I started shooting a film called The Silent House. It’s by the couple [Chris Kentis and Laura Lau] that wrote and directed Open Water, about the divers that were left behind. This is their next film. Three of us go into a house, and it doesn’t go well. Horror genre. Lot of fun to do. We wrapped that mid-November.”

But wait. There’s more. “Shot a John Hancock commercial two weeks ago. Who knows when that will air? Hopefully it does, and a bunch…”

And what’s Eric doing next? “I’ll head out to LA in mid-January for what used to be pilot season, and bounce around there getting more and more depressed, until I come back to NY six weeks later.”

Here’s wishing Eric and family a prosperous pilot season, and more great roles for us to check out in the new year.

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