Audio of Interview with Actor, Eric Sheffer Stevens

Hear the full interview (15 minutes) as author Susan Dansby talks to actor, Eric Sheffer Stevens, by clicking the link below.

Eric Sheffer Stevens (Reid, ATWT) ©John Paschal/
Eric Sheffer Stevens (Reid, ATWT)

Actor Eric Sheffer Stevens, talks with author Susan Dansby about how he got his job playing Reid on As the World Turns.

During the interview, Eric chats about the training he received in college, post-grad, private coaching, and paying his dues Off-Off Broadway. He takes us through the audition process, revealing how he keeps his perspective when competing with other actors. Eric also gives insight to adjustments he had to make to deal with the memorization requirements and the speed of soaps, and what he enjoyed about working in the genre.

Click here to hear the Eric Sheffer Stevens/Susan Dansby interview.

About Susan Dansby

Susan Dansby has received four Emmy® Awards and two Writers Guild Awards for her work on the soap opera, AS THE WORLD TURNS. She is the author of HOW DID YOU GET THAT JOB? MY DREAM JOBS AND HOW THEY CAME TRUE.
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